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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communications

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This is an OSS Academy® Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communications online training course offered for Peace Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators.

NOTE: This is not the Deaf & Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement Officers #7887 (TCOLE) course. No provider of training offers the #7887 course online. The #7887 course must be completed in an instructor-led format. You are important to us, if you are trying to locate the instructor-led course, contact the OSS Academy® Training Coordinator by phone at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205) or online at Contact OSS Academy®.

Enforcement officers are in daily contact with all types of people. Considering that nearly 10% of the U.S. population has some sort hearing loss, it is reasonable to assume that some of those contacts would be with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, especially with the baby boomers reaching their senior years. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people who are deaf or hard of hearing should receive the same services provided to the other 90% of the population. This means that officers interacting with these individuals should reasonably accommodate their communications needs.

This course is intended for Peace Officers who may come in contact with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The content of this course intentionally goes beyond mere traffic stops interactions.

Please note, the entire course, final exam(s), and course evaluation(s) must be completed in order to receive two (2) hours of course credit. 

OSS Academy® courses are recognized by more Peace Officer Standards and Training boards and correctional associations than any other online training provider.

Our courses are designed by Subject Matter Experts who are nationally recognized and licensed instructors. Many of our experts testify in law enforcement, corrections, and security related defense cases throughout the U.S.

Our curriculum meets or exceeds state course objective requirements.

For more information, visit OSS - Law Enforcement Advisors® or OSS Academy® online or simply contact the OSS Academy® Training Coordinator by phone at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205) or online at Contact OSS Academy®

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