OSS Academy® Services

OSS Academy® is a licensed training provider operating under the authority of the State of Texas and throughout the nation.  We offer many courses that are certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement [TCOLE], but also offer quality training throughout the U.S. and U.S. territories.  From our facilities in Spring, Texas, our experienced law enforcement, corrections, counterintelligence, and security instructors provide advanced, adult-based instruction in conventional classroom and field settings, as well as high quality e-learning courses through a variety of distance learning systems. 


For peace officers, corrections officers, and telecommunications professionals licensed by the State of Texas, all training successfully completed with OSS Academy® is reported directly to TCOLE on a regular basis.  Officers from other states or territories have a choice during the course completion process to print out a variety of course certificate formats suitable for filing with their agency or state POST board.

Instructor-Led Training

The OSS instructional team is comprised of subject matter experts [SMEs] and instructional designers [IDs] that are specially trained and experienced in providing only the highest quality adult-based learning experience.  They are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including the U.S. intelligence services, sheriffs' departments, police agencies, and federal enforcement agencies. To accommodate individual officer or agency needs, courses may be accessed immediately online, or we can work with your agency to quickly design and present a course specific to a certain topic or issue.  The quality of our instructional services is both measurable, and cost effective.

Copyright © 2016 OSS Academy®. All rights reserved.

Copyright © OSS Academy®. All rights reserved.

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